Sound insulation is achieved by using stretched fabric walls or panels, which in most cases are fixed to the wall. They are made of a high- quality sound absorbing material which is covered with fabric. Compared to acoustic panels the biggest advantage is the individual approach, because the fabric wall is not restricted by size or colour. It is possible to deliver excellent acoustics using fabrics that match the existing room design, refresh it with brightly coloured elements or with printed pictures of your choice. Sound and video equipment, such as a TV on the wall of your conference room where you make your video calls, can be professionally incorporated into the Fabric Walls.

It’s an easy way to soundproof a wall!



While working in our profession for several years, we have seen that there is no standard room and there is no standard solution. Therefore there can`t be a set price – each case is special and unique. We believe that the key is in conversation. We will establish your problem and offer an adequate solution within your budget.


Have a telephone conversation with an Echosoul consultant ~ 20min.
Send a video or show on-line visual display of the premises, if requested by Echosoul expert.
Send us space, ceiling, wall or communication layouts via e-mail,  if requested by Echosoul expert.

* Any on-line quotation is an estimate, assessing the object on site may entail calculation and timing changes. If the expert needs to travel to the client, the travel expenses are calculated individually depending on the location of your object.