Your guests want to enjoy the food and conversation with friends or business partners, but sometimes the sound level in dining rooms impedes enjoyment of the ideal atmosphere.

To be heard above the constant background noise, you have to raise your voice level when talking to your companion. The people at the adjacent tables then have to raise their voice levels. This is known as the “cocktail party effect” where noise levels are amplified due to poor acoustics in restaurants and dining rooms.

The survey of 1,500 people also revealed that 84% of diners take noise levels into account when choosing where to eat, and 81% have difficulty holding conversations in excessively noisy environments. Implementing sound insulation and acoustic solutions can affect your business, so make sure it is taken care of!




While working in our profession for several years, we have seen that there is no standard room and there is no standard solution. Therefore there can`t be a set price – each case is special and unique. We believe that the key is in conversation. We will establish your problem and offer an adequate solution within your budget.


Have a telephone conversation with an Echosoul consultant ~ 20min.
Send a video or show on-line visual display of the premises, if requested by Echosoul expert.
Send us space, ceiling, wall or communication layouts via e-mail,  if requested by Echosoul expert.

* Any on-line quotation is an estimate, assessing the object on site may entail calculation and timing changes. If the expert needs to travel to the client, the travel expenses are calculated individually depending on the location of your object.