If any of the room surfaces (walls or ceiling) are covered with soundproof material, reflected noise weakens much faster and listeners will hear only the direct sound. Also, the overall sound level in the room is minimized. This can be done in any space where it is needed – in offices, conference rooms, restaurants and coffee shops, hotels, schools and universities, shopping centres, etc.

Our experts will advise you on the best soundproofing solution when we have inspected your premises, examined it and understood the cause of the problem.

Our team are professionals with a high sense of responsibility, with many years of experience in installations of soundproofing and acoustic insulation solutions. It is important for us to do our best job – with quality, effectiveness and accuracy. If the customer is happy, we are happy. Based in Kent, London we provide soundproofing and acoustic solutions throughout the UK.



While working in our profession for several years, we have seen that there is no standard room and there is no standard solution. Therefore there can`t be a set price – each case is special and unique. We believe that the key is in conversation. We will establish your problem and offer an adequate solution within your budget.


Have a telephone conversation with an Echosoul consultant ~ 20min.
Send a video or show on-line visual display of the premises, if requested by Echosoul expert.
Send us space, ceiling, wall or communication layouts via e-mail,  if requested by Echosoul expert.

* Any on-line quotation is an estimate, assessing the object on site may entail calculation and timing changes. If the expert needs to travel to the client, the travel expenses are calculated individually depending on the location of your object.